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train (a small child) to use the toilet

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ALMOST half of children starting primary are not toilet-trained, a study revealed yesterday.
"Unless your child has been diagnosed with a medical condition, it is not our job to toilet-train them.
It examined how modified classical music can help children with autism and other learning difficulties to be toilet-trained.
The disadvantages: Parents must maintain vigilance over the babies' needs; experts say babies are not truly being toilet-trained; possible sanitation problems if babies are allowed to relieve themselves outdoors.
In fact, roughly half of toilet-trained young children regress in their training with the birth of a younger sibling, said Dr.
"Perhaps your dog barks incessantly, bites, refuses to be toilet-trained, has eating problems, cries or destroys property.
Too many children turn up to school without being toilet-trained or knowing how to use a knife and fork, said a headteachers' leader.
The husband went to New Jersey Black lace visible under her dress-for-success suit When I worked at 444 Madison Avenue one Friday night Man's a toilet-trained ape, everywhere in chains, And the urologist holding a test tube to the light Had beauty in his eyes.
Q: WE are adopting a puppy soon from a rehoming centre, but apparently he is not fully toilet-trained. I'm worried about getting him trained - do you have any advice on how best to do this?
Some of the children are not even toilet-trained, or don't flush the toilets or do it anywhere - from the floor to the sink.
A Liverpool school is warning that some pupils might have to stay at home, because they haven't been toilet-trained by their parents.
THEY'RE adored, can't look after themselves and are yet to be toilet-trained...
She has never been properly toilet-trained and though she came out of nappies at the age of about two and a half, she's never been reliably clean in the day.
Brandnew A CITY school has warned pupils may have to be kept at home - because they are not properly toilet-trained.
She added: "There are perfectly healthy children who enter school not yet toilet-trained.