toilet tissue

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a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets

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Sales from Accrol's core toilet tissue business increased 12% to GBP85 million from GBP76 million the year prior.
19 Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet tissue 18,429,472
Vancouver, B.C.-based Caboo Paper Products Inc., meanwhile, aims to shake up the entire category with its "tree-free" 100 percent bamboo and sugarcane toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissue.
* Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final consent order with Nice-Pak Products, Inc., requiring it to stop advertising moist toilet tissue and cloth as flushable or safe for sewer or septic systems unless it can substantiate those claims.
South Miami, FL, November 11, 2014 --( A simple yet handy new product that addresses a common household problem, the Toilet Tissue Core, has been developed by Louis Selig of Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Public restroom floors particularly in toilet stalls may be used to place purses or dispose of used toilet tissue. The floors or toilet tissue placed on the floor may not be perceived as contaminated surfaces or objects.
A NORTHUMBERLAND toilet tissue manufacturer has donated thousands of products to a site for the homeless.
Dispensers for toilet tissue, hand towels and soap products are available in clear, white or blue plastic and metal or stainless steel.
To help make the empty roll replacement less frequent, the nation's favourite toilet tissue, Andrex(r), has reinvigorated its Classic White product and made each sheet of toilet tissue significantly stronger.
Of course, there is a toilet tissue protocol to observe before marching to the till with two 12 roll packs.
A friend was recently in a private hospital for a few days and was charged for toilet tissue paper, daily floor cleansing, bed sheet change, and everything which is free in government hospitals.
Categories Achieving the Highest Lift by Merchandising Tactic Feature & Display Category % Lift SS Seafood 1,149% Paper Towels 746% Shortening & Oil 703% Toothpaste 658% Toilet Tissue 628% Feature Only Category % Lift SS Seafood 345% Paper Towels 277% Shortening & Oil 266% Toilet Tissue 251% Breakfast Meats 239% Display Only Category % Lift Toilet Tissue 208% SS Seafood 193% Chocolate Candy 176% Paper Towels 175% Cold Cereal 166% Price Only Category % Lift Frankfurters 106% Chocolate Candy 100% Breakfast Meats 97% Shortening & Oil 89% Paper Towels 88% Note: Among 100 largest CPG categories, based upon FDMx dollar sales.
Every One product funds a like-for-like equivalent, for example, the One Supersofty toilet tissue funds hygiene and sanitation projects in Africa.
Rather, it was the huge sale on paper towels and toilet tissue at ShopRite that caught the eye of value-seeking shoppers.