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soap used as a toiletry

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As reflected in the suggested retail price (SRP) list for May, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) approved price hikes for 26 brands of canned sardines, instant noodles, bottled water, toilet soaps and condiments.
The new price list which took effect September 1 now includes the Visayas and Mindanao SRPs for Fidel iodized salt while a total of seven Shelf Keeping Units (SKUs) of canned sardines, evaporated milk, corned beef, detergent soap, and toilet soap.
During the meeting, the experts made a comperison of different standards of SAARC countries on toilet soap, shampoo, hair color, cosmetics and other health care products and expressed their committment to make one standard for one region.
Similar attempts to socially engineer people's behaviour into conforming to hard-line socialist regime wishes were tried out in Soviet Bloc countries in the 1960s, many of which snowballed into some of the most bizarre events imaginable - Lux toilet soap and Western cigarettes became black market currencies, cars were confiscated if they were found to be fitted with foreign spare parts, car owners even removed their wiper blades, until it rained, as they became a valuable currency.
I am led to believe that the soldiers cannot have sun protection creams, and that toilet soap is also a luxury.
Warm and not hot water and pure and not highly-scented toilet soap are essentials, with a final bathe in cold water.
Fragrances and shower products are the second and third best-selling men's toiletries respectively, while talcum powder and toilet soap seem to be falling out of favour.
Another reason he's keen for Swan is because it gives him more real soap per penny than any leading toilet soap tested.
"It's very popular and people do like it - and you can use it for almost anything, from a normal toilet soap, to washing clothes or even cleaning paintwork.
Soap industry kickbacks mentioned included Jordan's Industrial Commercial & Agricultural Co Ltd paying US$569,657 when securing a contract worth US$6.2 million for supplying soap, toilet soap and detergents.
Item Qty Per Kit NSN Barber shears 3590-00-161-6913 Barber cloth 2 ea 3590-00-162-5630 Hand hair clipper, 1 ea 3590-00-170-8462 size 0 with blade set Case 1 ea 3590-00-240-2926 Electric hair clipper 1 ea 3590-00-892-4525 with detachable blades (blades not available separately) Disinfecting tray 1 ea 3590-00-926-3838 Disinfectant 2 ea 6840-00-753-4797 Toilet soap 2 ea 8520-00-129-0803 Shaving cream 1 ea 8520-01-303-4039 Soap box 1 ea 8530-01-371-0055 Comb 2 ea 8530-01-293-1384 Disposable safety razor 80 ea 8530-01-347-9577 * * NSN brings you a box of 720 razors.
By early summer 1994 Oil of Olay had captured almost a 6% share of the $1.6 billion toilet soap market, according to Information Resources Inc.
This final installment in the series on category management/category switching looks at pet supplies, toilet soap, sanitary napkins, household supplies/ chemicals, diet meal replacements, and greeting cards and publications.
Cabahug said the prices of canned goods, processed and powdered milk, coffee, bread, instant noodles, condiments, bottled water, laundry and detergent soap, toilet soap and batteries remained the same as before the calamity.