toilet seat

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the hinged seat on a toilet

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THE toilet seat creaks dangerously as Gwyn places a foot on either side of it and hoists himself up to take a look out of the window.
This will ensure that your toilet seat is free of germs.
Public Throne Toilet Seat Spray is a new product that requires one to "change their habit" when using public toilet seats.
The product type includes shower chairs & stools, bath lifts, toilet seat raisers, toilet aids, commodes, handgrips & grab bars, and bath aids.
While it is simply disgusting to see a woman caressing the interior of the toilet seat with bare hands to assure you that it is 100 percent clean it is even grosser to see that woman giving a high five to a kid with the same hand.
Meanwhile, toilet-seat manufacturer Tosca & Willoughby, based in Oxfordshire, have pledged a cash sum towards the preservation of the Vindolanda toilet seat.
The High Criminal Court earlier concluded the defendants were not acting in self-defence, although they claimed they took the toilet seat from the victim.
The retired postman made the discovery when he and Christine, 73, heard their toilet seat fall down.
He recorded himself sitting on the toilet seat to ensure that he had the right angle.
The test also revealed that mobile phones have 10 times the amount of germs and pathogens than a toilet seat which can cause nausea and stomach upsets.
Forum reader "tank_military" asked for advice on keeping a toilet seat tight for more than a few months at a time.
The toilet seat lid of the iTouchless Touchless Sensor Toilet Seat, available from SENIOR TOUCH LLC, automatically raises when the user approaches its front sensor, making it ready for seated use.
Additions include an Elevated Toilet Seat Dimension Chart and an Elevated Toilet Seat Selection Guide in the Bath Safety section.
Dear Annie: I read with interest the letters about putting down the toilet seat.
A gas mask, used toilet seat and a set of false teeth also turned up in collection bags for veterinary charity The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA).