toilet seat

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the hinged seat on a toilet

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The toilet seats that will be installed in these select units will have seats equipped with powerful automated deodorizers that eliminate odor.
Toilet seats must have covers and a working flush, with the cubicles having door locks and supplied with tissue paper and garbage bins.
Allergic contact dermatitis to toilet seats is becoming increasingly common, the authors noted.
The heart-healthy toilet seat can be viewed as the latest--and most creative--variation on the trendy theme of wearable medical devices.
It's a love affair - I actually tell my house I love it on a regular basis (not weird), but sometimes I show it the love too, you know, with the new toilet seat. I guess I'm just an old romantic
The communal toilet seat will go on show alongside a replica, the duplicate for selfie purposes, at the Museum Of London Docklands.
Prior to breaking the toilet seat, she shared that she had just bought a sleep recliner to deal with her severe pregnancy acid reflux.
A toilet seat scanned this way showed 220 bright spots where bacteria lurk but the average mobile phone had 1,479, it added.
'The average smartphone screen has been found to be more than three times dirtier than a toilet seat,' said researchers.
This includes Prince Charles' ( outrageous travel demands like moving his entire bedroom and bringing his personal toilet seat.
IT'S an order that Gwyn, cowering on the toilet seat, wouldn't think to obey.
On the occasion of World Toilet Day on Sunday, experts suggest carrying toilet seat sprays, hand sanitisers and wipes while travelling.
Finally, what about celebrating your own toilets with a design a toilet seat competition for the school toilets?
Though many do have chemically-treated seat covers or liners, however they are not comfortable when sitting on the toilet seat. They do not stay in place, making it difficult in getting full coverage." Ms.
Europe Bathroom & Toilet Assist Devices Market.By Product Type (Commodes, Shower Chairs and stools, Bath lifts, Toilet seat raisers, Toilet Aids, Bath Aids, Handgrips and Grab Bars), & By Geography.FORECAST & ANALYSIS TO 2020