toilet paper

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a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets

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This year, YFY has focused on selling its flagship Mayflower brand 3-ply toilet paper, which offers "high quality, softness, and moisturizing features." Andante's Spring Wind 3-ply toilet paper, which features "3 thick layers and 50 percent increased moisture absorption," this year saw a 20 percent increase in sales.
What I do know is that mom, brother and sister will not buy Purex products, especially the company's toilet paper.
Overall, the lowest income group spent the least on toilet paper by making use of a different strategy--purchasing cheaper brands.
"Our toilet paper lets Americans express how they truly feel about Hillary," said Makan.
"My mother used to keep these, straighten them out and put them in the bathroom to use as toilet paper.
Increasingly provocative TV commercials--a cartoon bear with white bits clinging to its bottom and a British blonde challenging passersby to "go commando"--are the public side of an arms race in toilet paper technology, and Crossett is on the front line.
Titov has launched the production of two-layer and dual-layer toilet paper towels.
This encouraged many households to switch from water to toilet paper after using the toilet.
The idea to use cloths instead of toilet paper (Country Lore, October/November 2014) is a good one, and I've heard about it before.
Tokyo: The Japanese government is calling on its citizens to prepare for the worst-case scenario, should a major disaster hit the quake-prone archipelago: Stockpile toilet paper. The industry ministry has launched a public awareness campaign ahead of the September 1 national Disaster Prevention Day, reminding citizens to have enough emergency supplies of food and sanitary products to survive the aftermath of a major earthquake.
Washington, July 22 ( ANI ): A smart toilet paper holder known as RollScout allows one to know when they are out of toilet paper before they sit down as it comes with an infrared emitter and sensor.
One of the toilets had a pop bottle in it, none of the cubicles had toilet paper and the oor was wet.
A growing number of people are carrying tissues in their bags and public toilets increasingly provide toilet paper for users.
Toilet Paper Flowers: A Story for Children About Crohn's Disease
They have preferred toilet paper, favorite air fresheners and each one has a stack of magazines a mile high.