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one who works strenuously

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While that style of hunting would get you kicked out of duck hunting circles today, it did mold a breed with an intense retrieving desire, although that wasn't enough to garner the toiler genuine acceptance in the sporting dog world.
Just as Tolstoy's personal affluence did not stop him ruminating on peasant life, Springsteen's status as a millionaire rock star has not prevented him taking up the cause of the blue-collar toiler.
There are 10 tracks and a 10-minute track at the end, something we liked to do with The Stranglers with songs like Down In The Sewer and Toiler On The Sea.
McDermott also believes Siddle is well on the way to becoming much more than the wholehearted toiler whose straight-up spells to England batsmen Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott last summer prompted him, with the encouragement of the new pace mentor, to seek a fuller length and a touch of outswing.
But Sharapova, who surely would have captured more Grand Slams had she not been around in an era dominated by the Williams sisters, is infinitely more accurate than toiler Bartoli and her precision game is expected to prove too much for Lisicki to handle on such an important occasion.
Cornwell is hoping finished copies of the book will be ready in time for his upcoming UK tour, which will take the form of two sets - the first, his solo album Guilty in its entirety; the second, a collection of Stranglers classics including The Raven, Toiler On The Sea and School Mam.
I can say I am constantly reminded of the amazing work my colleagues and I dedicate to our family of students; the Manual Arts mascot, the Toiler, stands as tribute to the students' own perseverance.
A hard working toiler can raise 60 Sudanese Pound a day putting a huge benefit above government employee per month.
has a bumper sticker on his truck that reads "It's A Toiler.
As a toiler in the vineyards, part of my work is to be an inspiration to people to get up, do the right thing, and know that we can make change happen.
Apart from this the new site, now edited by an old Architectural Press toiler so we're not going to say anything bad about it, is much cooler in design than before, courtesy of designers theothermedia.
Steve: My cat hangs out by the toiler when I'm taking a leak, and pee usually splashes on her.
What toiler in the industrial rust belt hasn't imagined thumbing an easy ride to riches on the I-way?
Nice 'n Sleazy, Toiler on the Sea and Always The Sun sounded as good as ever.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Public Toiler Ward No.