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Apparently one theatregoer has seen the show (dubbed adult panto) a record 15 times, but for the uninitiated - war breaks out between the two sides of the River Mersey after snooty Heswall resident Ann Twacky causes all sorts of toffee-nosed grief for hapless Royal Mail worker Gerard Gardner (Davy Edge playing a character named after the place Nicky Allt grew up) and Andrew Schofield's chancer conservatory cowboy Dickie Lewis.
The only reason you watch Antiques Road Show is to see those unbearably snobby Middle Englanders getting brought down a toffee-nosed peg or two by being told that priceless heirloom they've brought on to be valued is actually a bit of old tat.
Whereas local working class snobs, also Champagne socialists, used to be content to send their kids to the neighbourhood school, they deserted to send them to schools in imagined toffee-nosed areas.
Punters who find themselves chasing losses as regularly as toffee-nosed Rupert Lowe sacks managers will come to a sticky end.
IF you looked up ''creep'' in the dictionary there would be a picture of this toffee-nosed git next to it.
The deceitful, snobbish, patronising, toffee-nosed, union-hating, hypocritical, red-faced, perspiring, perjuring (can I pause for breath?
We must not leave this to a few people in Burton Green to fight this, we have to act now and do what we can to bring this deluded, toffee-nosed, short-sighted bunch of people to their senses.
Three years of the unelected and Tory toffee-nosed scum.
He famously turned down the chance to audition for director George Lucas because he was "too toffee-nosed to think that part would be of interest to act".
Crowd filing down behind, we descended the stairs - to be told by a stout, middle-aged, toffee-nosed woman, with accent to match (north Cardiff perhaps), I should not have roughly treated these ladies.
He has always been a menace and this new toffee-nosed kid will not wash with the readers.
The hoodies I spoke to thought I was a toffee-nosed git and were effing and blinding.
The toffee-nosed titter merchant was asked for his opinion on the scandal.
TALKING of health, the wellbeing of war hero Jamie Cooper was not foremost in the minds of toffee-nosed army top brass, either.
I reckon Charlotte Church is as good a city symbol as you'll get, a larger-than-life reminder of what our patch once was - a place that worked hard and played hard, an in-yer-face town but warm-hearted with it, plenty going for it and no time for the toffee-nosed.