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informal term for an upper-class or wealthy person

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Q: Is Toff liable to reimburse Julie and Ferdie with respect to the half portion of the property that remained with One?
Toff was later seen shovelling poo at a sewage plant as part of a new segment of dares on This Morning.
Toff added: "I'm getting messages from middle-aged women saying, 'I struggle', and young men, too.
Toff won the hearts of the voting public with her fearless approach to the jungle's Bushtucker Trials, her endless enthusiasm and eagerness to stand up for herself and what she believes in.
"Toff always tries to educate me on politics, I don't know who any politicians are.
According tothe Mirror Online,the calculations, which come from Ladbrokes, place Toff way ahead of nearest rival Iain Lee - who's currently on 12/1 to walk off with the crown.
TOFF's twoperson selection panel--comprising the festival's associate director, Sophie Sherriff, and Melbourne music producer Akash Temple --is instructed to apply a set of stringent criteria to the slush pile of submissions (which numbered 200-plus in 2014), with the result that only films of both substance and quality make the final cut of the program.
All Unite is trying to ensure, from what I can see is, that someone from the common people is elected to the toff organised, toff run Parliament old boys club!
During the same week, Oxbridge toffs have been vandalising arable farms by creating crop circles.
She said: "I don't think anybody is impressed by 'toff talk'.
"Kids love to read a good story, so why not give them a textbook that reads like a novel or short story?" asks Nancy Toff, vice president and editorial director of school and young adult publishing for Oxford University Press.
JUST when you think the era of the old-fashioned British toff is over, another over-the-top bon-vivant emerges.