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tall grass of New Zealand grown for plumelike flower heads

used by Maoris for thatching

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But it was also the concept of sovereign power held by such monarchs that was attractive, as discussed by Wiremu Toetoe, who had lived for a time in Vienna, and printed in Te Hokioi, the Kingitanga's newspaper.
CD cancer / dander CF cicer / filer CH caca / haha CJ coco / Jo Jo (PA) CL cacopathy / lalopathy CN comical / nominal CP crochet / prophet CS calcify / salsify CV calces / valves CE toc-toc / toetoe CG crance / grange CI Concan (TX) / Ionian CK choca / khoka CM codec / modem CO chic / Ohio CR conduce / rondure CT decence / detente CW caca / wawa CY caca / yaya CZ coocoo / zoozoo
EG tineine / tinging EI dearest / diarist EM toetoe / tom-tom EP tyee / typp ES equate / squats EU enflesh / unflush EH ease / hash EK seine / skink EO mesquite / mosquito ER bee / brr ET suberise / subtrist EY monogene / monogyny
OR maomao / Marmar OU porporate / purpurate OZ toetoe / tzetze OS ochavo / schavs OY topo / typy