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having a toe or toes of a specified kind


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The delicately balanced colonizing polymicrobial flora of toe-webs can be disrupted by various external factors, namely hyperhidrosis secondary to closed toed shoes, antimicrobial peptides produced by dermatophytes, and auto-medication applied by the patient.
Gina also does a gorgeous black round toed Reanne high heel with cut-out flower design (pounds 255) and a black leather round toed Chloe sandal with thonging and silver buckle (pounds 285).
Or go really wild with Celine's Pony Pilgrim pumps with silver square in either zebra, dalmatian or giraffe print (pounds 295) and open toed Cuba high heel in Jaguar print (pounds 265) from Gina.
Sparkle your way on to the dancefloor with a gold thonged Satine sandal with diamante strip (pounds 255) or brown silk satin round toed Clyde heel with gold diamante buckle (pounds 265) both from Gina or silver diamante T-bar high heel (pounds 40) from Faith.
* Hoofed mammals: Deer and elk have a two "toed" track.