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a protective leather or steel cover for the toe of a boot or shoe, reinforcing or decorating it

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Toecaps I don't have a problem with them starting early.
It was in that garage behind his home where he developed his first products: steel toecaps for industrial shoes and unique lid clamps for wooden egg crates.
He had blue eyes and was wearing beige Cotton Trader shoes with black toecaps and soles and yellow and black laces.
He is an Everton man from the tip of his trademark quiff to the toecaps of his shooting boots - which he was still pulling on only a decade ago in charity matches.
Polished his shoes until he was ten, then supervised him while he made the toecaps gleam.
Little mirrors on the toecaps of the boots might be fun, so they could see up each others' kilts.
This 'over the knee' style is pounds 140 and there are punk versions with neon buckles and stripes, Courreges inspired boots with different coloured toecaps and also an incredibly soft stretch leather in sizes 4 to 8, www.
Our captain had on grandad's boots, Toecaps big and round.
Anyone wanting to try their hand should wear sturdy boots - preferably with steel toecaps - and strong gloves.
When his footwear set off the metal detector he was cleared to enter aircraft after claiming his steel toecaps had activated the machine.
At last he heard the clinking of steel toecaps, spotted local bobby Peter Plod turn the corner onto the High Street.
Aussie Pumps High Pressure Safety Trainer explains that operators have been using steel toecaps gum boots, to protect the toes from pressure water jets can slice open rubber boot.
I was 50 feet down at Ayr beach before I realised I was wearing steel toecaps.
Toecaps On city sports venues No doubt that Villa Park is the best stadium in Brum and in the Midlands region overall.
The black leather boots, with high ankle bands and steel toecaps, were bought for Bestie as a Christmas present five decades ago.