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a protective leather or steel cover for the toe of a boot or shoe, reinforcing or decorating it

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Total quantity or scope: 25 pairs boots without steel toecap, 28 pairs boots with steel toecap, overalls 41 pieces suit 18 pieces, boots water-mud 336 pairs gloves 336 pairs helmets to forestry 406 pieces, costume protection and shaped mechanically 9 pieces hat 59 pieces, 382 pieces reflective vest, gloves Trout 4 pairs,
A TPU toecap adds protection and wide toe box keeps feet happy.
The footwear is manufactured to the highest S3 specification and also protects the user's toes and sole with a metal toecap and steel mid-sole.
But peep past the rounded toecap and sensible lace-up and you'll notice subtle moments of shoe rebellion, like neon orange pony skin and a shiny patent-leather finish.
Few Evertonians will have shed any tears over their former terrace favourite Hughes though following the aforementioned pursuit of Lescott last summer that, unlike Mancini's silky scarf and silky touches, showed all the grace of an elephant in steel toecap boots.
Jeremy describes the forms: "Susan Throope's 'Triangular Progressions' in the last Word Ways made the think of triangular standstills, like TOECAP (20, 20, 20) [T=20, OE=15+5=20, CAP=3+1+16=20] and triangular regressions, like UNCAGE (21, 17, 13).
James Sherriff, aged 34, of Utrillo Close, Whoberley, Coventry, theft of pair of steel toecap boots worth pounds 24.
True vulcanized construction with Heelys exclusive Ninja Grip treat & rubber toecap
Tenders are invited for Tenders Are Invited For The Stores: Industrial Safety Shoe Size-10 Genuine Leather,Anticorrosive Alloysteel/Polycap Toecap,Direct Injected/Moulded Vulcanizedpolyurethane Sole With Lightweight,Durable,Flexibleity,Anti- Skid Design,Anti-Statics,Water Resistance Leather,Antifungalantibacterial,Resistance To Fuel And Mineral Oil,Acids,Alkal I,Heat,Abration Etc,Toe Cap Impact Resistance 200 Joules(Approx).
A week in a boot camp had taken a steel toecap to my backside and delivered a long overdue kick to reinvigorate me.
The Avery Printed Tutu Ballet will be offered in Classroom Pink and Black, which features printed nappa with black grosgrain, tulle, and a suede toecap.
Nude Lilley toecap ballerina pump, Shoe Zone, PS12.
Features of the Ultralite Safety Line include a CSA approved Grade 1 construction toecap, which is distinctly designed to protect the worker without the weight of steel.
She has spiced things up with a pair of clear plastic, tan leather and crystal toecap heels, giving a hint of sparkle to this effortlessly chic and pretty look.
When he couldn't because he'd chosen a knife with a serrated blade he pulled Darren off the sofa, strangled him and repeatedly stamped on his head and body with his steel toecap boots on.