toe the line

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do what is expected

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Radanpour, a three-time winner last season and who finished second to Toe The Line at Gowran Park, is visored for the first time.
If you look at past finals there's always been one brash person and one who would toe the line and he always goes with the one who'd toe the line.
She has already hinted at violent repercussions if the rest of us don't toe the line. I'm getting my tin helmet and gas mask down from the loft, just in case!
Toe the line: Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay, centre) joins the local darts team.
Think horizontal, vertical, chevron, multicoloured or monochrome - it's impossible not to toe the line with this season's trend.
I am not saying Brown and Blair were perfect but to talk about bullying, what about Thatcher 'handbagging' ministers to make them toe the line? Without New Labour there would have been no minimum wage and no winter fuel payment.
And in all probability, the state Congress will toe the line of the government," he said.
This day is the day apparently, even SANZAR will have to toe the line thereafter.
Then he expects them to toe the line and vote for the Bill in its entirety however they may have voted previously.
"They want to keep their jobs, they want to look good so they'll toe the line. I think I can kiss my funding goodbye."
If she is welcomed back, however reluctantly, will Clare toe the line or risk the clunking fist of the new PM?
I suppose you could tie the line to your car and drive off, but toe the line is correct.
CEA Chair Ben Bernanke: with afoot in the door, he knows how to step up to the plate, toe the line, and nail down the facts (and no one pulls the wool over his eyes).
But Paris Premiere says it will toe the line and air the third season after 10.30 p.m.
Those, I think, are three code words for "toe the line" and "let's have no more social conservatism." If that's the case, the Conservatives should find a leader.