toe the line

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do what is expected

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Radanpour, a three-time winner last season and who finished second to Toe The Line at Gowran Park, is visored for the first time.
This day is the day apparently, even SANZAR will have to toe the line thereafter.
They want to keep their jobs, they want to look good so they'll toe the line.
If she is welcomed back, however reluctantly, will Clare toe the line or risk the clunking fist of the new PM?
I would prefer you not to report my name as the mills have a habit of banning suppliers that do not toe the line but I'm sure you will agree it's a point worth mentioning.
I suppose you could tie the line to your car and drive off, but toe the line is correct.
CEA Chair Ben Bernanke: with afoot in the door, he knows how to step up to the plate, toe the line, and nail down the facts (and no one pulls the wool over his eyes).
But Paris Premiere says it will toe the line and air the third season after 10.
To make mothers toe the line over access while allowing fathers to get away with murder over non-payment of maintenance would be a mockery of justice.
Those students who complained about their assignments have something to teach as well: When a classroom activity involves acts that are unethical, hurtful or even illegal, the proper response is not to toe the line, but to blow the whistle.
Will Kwan's Don't Toe the Line or Toe Your Own Line (Huron) is a whimsical record of the performance artist/director spray painting a hopscotch board in a downtown Toronto intersection and filming passersby skipping across or ignoring the child's game.
fragmented self"; Gruesser, at the nexus of intuition and empiricism, concludes that Schuyler was a "black writer who responded to white racism and the pressure to toe the line within the black community by creating a variety of personae for himself.
We don't have to toe the line, and we certainly haven't," he said, "We may have burned some bridges, but in the long run we've gained much more respect.
For those people who still refused to toe the line there was always state-sponsored murder.
Veldini's return could ruin the reelection campaign of his ambitious DA brother (Howard Hesseman) -- so steps are taken to make the ex-jailbird toe the line.