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the forward tip of the upper of a shoe or boot that provides space and protection for the toes

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This problem becomes much worse with high heels and too-tight toe boxes that put pressure on the toes.
For the duration of the study, one group wore therapeutic shoes with wide toe boxes and cork inserts (custom-fit), one group wore wide-toe shoes with polyurethane inserts (not customized), and another group wore their usual footwear.
Better designers such as Donald Pliner, Stuart Weitzman and Via Spiga create extended toe boxes so feet aren't quite so uncomfortable.
She adds that women also are more interested in unusual toe shapes than in previous years, referring to the newer square-shaped toe boxes.
They have unique features and benefits like good, firm counters for extra support, high toe boxes, shock-absorbing outsoles, and mild rocker bottoms that make them optimum walking shoes.
Work boots for diabetics like any other diabetic shoes, need to be available in multiple widths with removable insoles for added depth, and deep toe boxes that provide the protection of a composite or steel toe.
Hotter shoes makes a range of women's shoes and men's shoes that are designed to look stylish but secretly hide a raft of comfort features including padding at heels; roomy toe boxes and removable insoles.
Shoes for fitness walking should have flexible, nonsticky soles, good arch supports, cushioned insoles, heel cushions that are about one-half to three-quarters of an inch thick and roomy toe boxes.