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the forward tip of the upper of a shoe or boot that provides space and protection for the toes

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Stay away from shoes with narrow toe boxes. That's especially true if you have already started to develop bunions or hammer toes.
* Avoid high heels, narrow toe boxes, and poorly fitting shoes (too tight or too loose), which can cause or exacerbate many of the conditions described above.
This problem becomes much worse with high heels and too-tight toe boxes that put pressure on the toes.
Tight shoes with narrow "toe boxes"--the front end of the shoe that provides space for the toes--along with high heels are especially bad.
For the duration of the study, one group wore therapeutic shoes with wide toe boxes and cork inserts (custom-fit), one group wore wide-toe shoes with polyurethane inserts (not customized), and another group wore their usual footwear.
Better designers such as Donald Pliner, Stuart Weitzman and Via Spiga create extended toe boxes so feet aren't quite so uncomfortable.
A: There are some very comfortable, economy-type shoes with wide toe boxes. Actually, some of the higher priced shoes tend to be more tapered and stylish.
Low or no heels, wide toe boxes and supportive arches are the norm.
Round toe boxes and soft materials are preferable to pointed toes and patent leather.