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the forward tip of the upper of a shoe or boot that provides space and protection for the toes

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Over time, high heels or any type of shoe with a narrow or pointy toe box can cause or worsen many foot problems.
SHOE-SHAMING When your foot shape is prone to bunions and you wear tight-fitting shoes or high heels which force your foot forward into a narrow toe box (squashing your big toe inwards), this could cause a bunion - and will definitely make an existing one worse.
"Structural problems like bunions and hammertoes may respond well to shoes with extra width and a deeper toe box. Unfortunately, these types of footwear have a reputation of being esthetically unacceptable, but newer designs in recent years have made them more fashionable."
With an EEEEE+ fitting as standard, the Move shoe incorporates a deep, seam-free toe box that provides excellent protection for sensitive toes.
They're totally breathable, great as water shoes, have a solid foot bed and a strong toe box making them a good fit for summer hikes as well.
MEN'S ROAD RUNNING SHOES | Saucony Breakthru 3, PS110 ( It's easy to forget you're even wearing these, they're so comfortable, with a spacious toe box and secure fit.
Slip on a pair of Steadfasts, and you'll notice they feel really good, which is due to an anatomical design and a broader toe box. To keep you from slipping on mountainsides, each Steadfast features an outsole built to increase traction in the worst terrain you can imagine.
Featuring lightweight TERRA FORCE platform, eight inches of height, a wider toe box, and an upper reinforced with CamoHide leather, these boots are extremely lightweight and durable.
An overly narrow toe box could place the phalanges in an excessively adducted position, thereby causing increased valgus stress at the MTP joint.
Overstitched heel and toe box for durability and long life, the entire upper is stitched through to the heavy rubber, tire-tread-like sole for superior traction.
* Wear properly fitting shoes with a wide enough toe box so that your toes are not cramped or hit up against the front of the shoe.
He said that I need to change my toe box from my favorite tapered line because I have a bigger than usual first toe.
Look for shoes with a toe box that is wide and high; this will stop the irritation over the bump and slow the progression of the deformity.
To keep toes healthy, wear shoes with a roomy toe box, good arch support, uniform lift, and a wide heel.
Washington, May 22 (ANI): A study has revealed that wearing high heel shoes with small toe box can lead to various foot problems.