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Tod got to the tree, he found that the weight and strain had dragged the knot so tight that it was past untying.
Tod was mystified; he sat quite still, and listened attentively.
Tod watched it for half an hour; his eyes glistened.
Tod rushed upon Tommy Brock, and Tommy Brock grappled with Mr.
Tod's kitchen, amongst the wreckage, Benjamin Bunny picked his way to the oven nervously, through a thick cloud of dust.
'Tod's Happy Moments' illustrates the happiness the brand brings at different times of the day or at different moments of one's life; and Elbaz gave the pair his own spin by making it aerodynamic, bright, and unstructured.
El Desarrollo Orientado al Transporte (TOD, por sus siglas en ingles) es un conocido enfoque de la planificacion que promueve el desarrollo urbano sostenible mediante la integracion del transporte publico, la densidad, la compacidad, la intermodalidad y los usos mixtos en un area cercana facilmente caminable y ciclable (Calthorpe, 1993; Cervero, 1998; Cervero, Ferrell & Murphy, 2002; Center for Transit-Oriented Development [CTOD], 2009; Dittmar & Ohland, 2004; Newman & Kenworthy, 1999), lo que es reconocido como deseable.
Tod's classic Gommino gets a fringed update, and I love how it's named the Yorky Gommino (yes, after the dog!).
"I don't know if TOD is necessarily the right word.
'We have launched the #TolakPjTOD campaign, in response to the lack of transparency in implementing TOD,' he said at a press conference today.
TOD aims to encourage the use of public transportation [4] by increasing population density and mixed land use in areas surrounding transportation hubs and by promoting connectivity between stations and trip origins/destinations.
Patients with uncontrolled blood pressure (UBP) are the most at risk for TOD. A cohort study has reported that poorly controlled hypertension is independently associated with mortality, cardiovascular risk, and disease progression [9].
Any TOD implemented before a repeal of the law remains valid and revocable.
"RTA and the concerned government authorities will encourage the urban regeneration of the surrounding areas according to the TOD principles," it added.
Utah is home to several successful TOD districts that are changing the way Utahns live and work.