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Synonyms for tocsin

a signal that warns of imminent danger

Synonyms for tocsin

the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)

a bell used to sound an alarm


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On the way, he heard the "tocsin ringing" and saw multitudes of Astrakhan and Muscovite musketeers and soldiers running in the streets, carrying all manner of weapons, and yelling that "they stood for the faith, for the mustache, and for the beard, and against German clothes."
Arnold's failure to achieve his potential in his chosen career is a tocsin call.
A jigsaw of texts drawn from classic English sources provided a structure of fire, air, wind and water as the opening tocsin "England, awake, awake" recurred as a refrain between lyrical vocal lines and sometimes sensuous, sometimes crunchy harmonies until the lilting and repetitive 'Sweet Thames' brought the piece to a beautifully consonant close.
William Michael Rossetti, the less famous of Christina's two brothers, said that "it ran like wildfire, and rang like tocsin, through the land" (quoted in Simonsen, p.
This was exported (Bantman argues) back to France through channels like the exile papers Pere peinard and Le Tocsin (pp.
It is Monday, November 13,1961 and this Is Exercise TOCSIN B, designed to test Canada's National Survival Attack Warning System (NSAWS) and the Emergency Management Organization (EMO).
The report published lately in The New York Times has sent tremulous tocsin in Pakistan disturbing many a policy maker in the realm.
In the Ukraine, libertarians in the Nabat (Tocsin) youth organisation called for a struggle against all forms of oppression, including: 'A struggle against the existing family, which has turned us into deceitful hypocrites nourished on the poison of corruption.' (28) Alexandra Kollontai nibbled away on the fringes of Bolshevik thinking, and wrote about patrimony and free love; love that rejected possessiveness.
Yet it still sounded a tocsin of transformation, goading the comfortable and inspiring the downtrodden.
Enfin, le doux appel du muezzin sonne le tocsin. C'est enfin l'heure benie qui permettra a la panse de se remplir et aux idees de retrouver leurs places.
Ses lieutenants ont sonne le tocsin de la mobilisation contre le festival Mawazine qu'accueille Rabat jusqu'a samedi prochain.
For an analysis of one Australian labour paper's attitude to the women's movement, see Patricia Grimshaw, "The 'Equals and Comrades of Men?' Tocsin and the Woman Question," in Debutante Nation: Feminism Contests the 1890s, ed.
Just three months before the S&P's tocsin, the federal government had hit its $14.29 trillion debt limit.
Le tocsin, qui resonne lors des attaques ennemies et des incendies, se compose de coups presses, redoubles et discontinus.
The speck upon the horizon that at first was not bigger than a man's hand, overshadows us, and there is not a breeze that blows that does not sound the tocsin of alarm." Continuing in this vein of uneasy oratory, Benjamin spoke of the grave threat of envelopment to Southern slaveholding: "The light is shut out, and we should prepare ourselves to meet the emergency, whenever it may come." Should the South fail to win statehood for Texas, suffocation would result.