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a drinking mug in the shape of a stout man wearing a three-cornered hat

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'Dinner-time, eh!' repeated Toby, using his right-hand muffler like an infantine boxing-glove, and punishing his chest for being cold.
'There's nothing,' said Toby, breaking forth afresh--but here he stopped short in his trot, and with a face of great interest and some alarm, felt his nose carefully all the way up.
'I thought it was gone,' said Toby, trotting off again.
'There's nothing,' said Toby, 'more regular in its coming round than dinner-time, and nothing less regular in its coming round than dinner.
Toby was only joking, for he gravely shook his head in self- depreciation.
Lord!' said Toby. 'The Papers is full of obserwations as it is; and so's the Parliament.
But Toby, not hearing it, continued to trot backwards and forwards: musing as he went, and talking to himself.
'It seems as if we can't go right, or do right, or be righted,' said Toby. 'I hadn't much schooling, myself, when I was young; and I can't make out whether we have any business on the face of the earth, or not.
Toby heard it this time; started; stopped; and shortening his sight, which had been directed a long way off as seeking the enlightenment in the very heart of the approaching year, found himself face to face with his own child, and looking close into her eyes.
Toby took the shortest possible sniff at the edge of the basket, and cried out in a rapture:
Meg was in a perfect fright lest he should guess right too soon; shrinking away, as she held the basket towards him; curling up her pretty shoulders; stopping her ear with her hand, as if by so doing she could keep the right word out of Toby's lips; and laughing softly the whole time.
Meanwhile Toby, putting a hand on each knee, bent down his nose to the basket, and took a long inspiration at the lid; the grin upon his withered face expanding in the process, as if he were inhaling laughing gas.
It's very nice,' said Toby. 'It an't--I suppose it an't Polonies?'
'Why, what am I a-thinking of!' said Toby, suddenly recovering a position as near the perpendicular as it was possible for him to assume.
'Not that I know of, my dear,' said Toby. 'But they're always a- bringing up some new law or other.'