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In the New Testament frogs are also equated with unclean spirits (Cooper, 1992:107), and it is very significant that an artist such as Hieronymous Bosch turned many of his figures into toadlike creatures, with little or no indication of any benevolent meanings (as for example in his depiction of the evil world from his triptych of the flood painted in ca.
The articles, which first appeared from 1963 to 2007, cover such topics as a clay ball from Myrrhine, a toadlike creature in Hamburg, the meanings behind headless winged humans, the sexual and asexual in Greek vase painting, the association of animal categories with terms of abuse, Beazley's approach to vases, characters in various stages of distress on vases, evidence of Greek ritual, the art of flying, Parmenides's symbols and teaching, identity in Gnothi, the Buddha of Anaximandre, the tortoise of Zenon, the importance of eyes, and recent works applying new principles to very old material objects.
Through the squareof skin that had been left clear on his stomach, through the layers of flesh and organs whose names the owner himself did not know, through the mass of toadlike tumor, along his arteries and veins, .
I read the book, and Umbridge is described as a short, ugly, toadlike woman," Staunton said.
Bizarre adventures introduce Beatrice and her buddies to a mad old man witch named Yorick, a weird group of magical cats, spooky ghosts who haunt the swamps, and the toadlike water leaper, who might be hiding a generous spirit behind his ugly visage.