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Synonyms for manner

Synonyms for manner

the approach used to do something

behavior through which one reveals one's personality

a distinctive way of expressing oneself

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

Synonyms for manner

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He certainly takes to wigs and bloomers as to the manner born, enjoying his banter with the audience enormously.
John Major was from a family of South London circus freaks, yet he tried to sound as though he were to the manner born.
He can handle an ornate Versace vase, a chunky Nick Munroe teapot or a slender Jasper Conran Champagne flute as though to the manner born - in front of television cameras, retailers and customers alike.
Meanwhile, his wife looking increasingly confident - almost to the manner born - continues to play a dutiful role in expensive hats worn at a jaunty angle.
How could this effortlessly charming man, son of actress Angela Thorne, who is at the moment calmly pouring brown sauce over a hot bacon sandwich as to the manner born, get thrown out of drama school?
I'm told: "He wasn't quite to the manner born because he looked so ridiculous in that suit.
The German is an unlikely hero, but on an afternoon all about guts and commitment, shuddering challenges and brutal intensity, Freund was to the manner born.
He was, of course, to the manner born as this photograph by his father Edward (my elder son) shows.
It was in the display of two men filling the biggest boots in the English game and of a stand-in skipper to the manner born.
Anne is to the manner born and preserves the same haughty air of regality as her forbears.