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Synonyms for gunwale

wale at the top of the side of boat

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When it comes to grabbing an oar to promote the good ship Lambourn, few have ever beaten Oliver Sherwood to the gunnels.
The five-furlong highlight on Musselburgh's sold-out Stobo Castle Ladies Day will be packed to the gunnels with a 10,000 capacity crowd waiting to see if Red Baron can better last year's performance when he blazed a trail to smash the course record with a sensational time of 57.
What is proposed at Onley is a monster marina - 550 boats packed to the gunnels in a series of large harbours, which would spoil one of the finest local views from the summit of the neighbouring Barby Hill," he said.
In a good year like this the chicks have more voles than they can eat and in one box we found a record 49 voles waiting to be eaten and the chicks were already stuffed to the gunnels.
Despite being "full to the gunnels with material", firefighters managed to stop the blaze spreading beyond the first floor.
It is packed to the gunnels with 15 witty and romantic hits including You're The Top, It's De-lovely, Blow, Gabriel, Blow and the title song Anything Goes.
But as well as having a mind stuffed to the gunnels with trivia, an Egghead cannot simply come out with the right answer.
We couldn't believe she was coming because it was a half-term week and it's always full to the gunnels with children.
The pubs we've been to have been packed to the gunnels.
The snug little ground floor bar is packed to the gunnels with charm and character.
CLYDEBANK, packed to the gunnels with seasoned strikers like Willie Falconer, Ally Graham and Paul McGrillen and led by ex-Ger Derek Ferguson, made a satisfactory start to the campaign with a 2-1 win at Forfar and look reasonable value for a home win over Hamilton.
The Music Hall in Aberdeen, Caird Hall in Dundee and the Usher Hall in Edinburgh were all stowed to the gunnels.
Full to the gunnels on this more-ish pub grub, we decided to pass on dessert in order to leave some room for birthday cake back at home.