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in a gentle manner


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And some, to put it mildly, were concerned: "It clearly suffers from 'Designer Interruptus,' the Latin term for when a designer is given too much leeway...."
The chastened title favourites are at Bournbrook tomorrow and to say that White is expecting a backlash is to put it mildly.
Given the tumultuous summer we've had, it's difficult to predict what the rest of 2001 has in store for real estate -- to put it mildly. But it does seem likely that Midtown, and the Grand Central District in particular, are in good shape.
The shift in emphasis of governmental financial reporting from only fund types with different measures of performance to the government as a whole with a focus on the cost of delivering services is significant -- to put it mildly. GASB believes that these new financial statements will be more widely read and that the information will be more useful to a broader spectrum of users.
For one, the complexities of Part B billing will pose quite a challenge to providers, to put it mildly; the learning curve is steep.
Q I HAVE always been a hefty 17 stone with a sizeable beer gut and pretty cuddly to put it mildly.
If America's timing was, to put it mildly, undiplomatic, Australia's response has been, to put it equally mildly, robust.
Close by Gehry's model is Matt O'Dell's 1998 cardboard "reconstruction" of the structural damage wrought by the Oklahoma City bombing, which (the piece's title informs us) "left at least 78 people dead and hundreds injured or missing." It's an unhelpful juxtaposition, to put it mildly; it cancels whatever transgressive irony or bitter reflection on the bombers' "craft skill" and the media's ghoulishness O'Dell may have intended.
To put it mildly, I got sucked in to the negative dynamics that always attend any discussions in depth where physicians are concerned.
To say that her family comes from a musical background is to put it mildly. Her great-grandfather was a famous Moscow cantor; her grandparents founded the Zellman Conservatory of Music in New York; and her mother, who sang on the radio under the name of Audrey Marsh, was the voice in Muriel Cigars commercials.
The chief of the Chicago public school system, for example, has announced and partially instituted a program of teaching values to its students, despite the fact that doing so in taxpayer-supported schools can be, to put it mildly, tricky.
It's true that Clinton has been, to put it mildly, less than impressive in recent weeks, what with his flip-flopping over Bosnia, his junior-high-school jokes about Rush Limbaugh and Bob Dole, which he had to take back, and his failure to get a summer jobs program through Congress when, in many cities, a stupefying 48 per cent of black teenagers are out of work.
Andy Kerr, vice president of the 5,000-member Oregon Natural Resources Council (a prominent state association of conservation groups), is, to put it mildly, an outspoken environmentalist.
"The evidence for cooling is rather mixed, to put it mildly," says James K.