to date

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prior to the present time


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* Have the filing of your printed MDS assessments as up to date as possible.
For overlapping periods of underpayment and overpayment with interest accruing prior to date of enactment, there is a special "transition" rule that applies for periods beginning before the date of enactment if the taxpayer reasonably "identifies and establishes" such periods and if the taxpayer requests that the section be applied to such periods.
He'll need some time with just the guys, but don't worry--you'll know when he's ready to date again.
Stringer, an out-of-Africa proponent, says that Shen's team members need to date either the skull itself or the calcite clinging to its surface to make their case.
To make the system up to date and as easy to use as possible, planners are currently working to fully automate the data transfer process.