to a lesser extent

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used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs


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Sierra Income invests primarily in senior secured debt, second lien debt and, to a lesser extent, subordinated debt of US small and middle market companies with enterprise values ranging from approximately USD 50m to USD 4bn.
This erroneous contact is still evident in e-mail and normal, paid phone calls, but to a lesser extent.
(Milk and, to a lesser extent, cheese, cream, and butter accounted for 90 percent of the dairy the people in the study consumed.) Fiber seemed to lower the risk of insulin resistance independently of dairy.
PrimeCast will now focus on large iron castings and, to a lesser extent, high-alloy steel parts."
As for the B2B arena, Challenger says there's good news and there's bad news: "It's going on in B2B, but I think to a lesser extent. Still, they're facing pressure as well, due to tougher and more impatient investors."
On a geographical basis, he said, "Indonesia and China lead the pack, [then] the Philippines, Thailand and, maybe to a lesser extent, Korea and Vietnam."
With India as the arena and the Raj as context, the piquancy of their unique Indian-American-European perspective on this oh-so-very-British--and to a lesser extent, Indian--subject, starting with the delectable Shakespeare Wallah (1965), was often lost on all three continents.
Currently, businesses throughout the nation (and the world, to a lesser extent) are busily seeking to perform corrective action to avert potential disaster.
Using more than 600 plays and related pieces, Freeman discredits the idea that Britons unreservedly disliked and feared soldiers, and to a lesser extent, sailors.
Members anticipated that the external sector of the economy would continue to exert some restraint on domestic economic activity, though perhaps to a lesser extent than over the past year.
Fixed-income securities with large coupons tend to be affected to a lesser extent by interest rate changes than are low-coupon securities.
That pace varies widely among species and, to a lesser extent, among individuals within the same species.
Notably, the risks of poor outcomes for infants and, to a lesser extent, of maternal complications are markedly higher if the pregnancy occurs at age 50 or later than if a woman conceives in her 40s.
for legal action and in penalties assessed from region to region for Clean Air Act violations and, to a lesser extent, Clean Water Act violations.