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Synonyms for tizzy

a condition of excited distress

Synonyms for tizzy

an excited state of agitation

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The dog was stressed, we were too and we left Bahrain in a tizz exhausted from tensions, uncertainty of arrangements and lack of sleep.
Now the world is in a tizz with her absolutely svelte figure and toned legs.
Mahon gets himself in a Tizz The evidence of time has shown that conditional Ryan Mahon unjustly berated himself after being beaten on Colin Tizzard's Xaarcet last time.
The BBC got itself into a dreadful tizz and eventually decided to ban the contribution of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious to the 1977 event.
But to try to make it out as something that's bigger than it is, you can hurt yourself and get yourself into a bit of a tizz, you can add too much pressure to yourself," Pietersen said.
The playwright and screenwriter David Mamet recently sent conservatives in the United States and Australia into a tizz by announcing that he had renounced liberalism.
The return of controversial former actress Roxanne Pallett to our TV screens, has already got a number of people in a tizz as forgive and forget seems to be a long way from many people's minds.
Harriot's father was an an Englishman, but the identity of her mother, who gave birth to her in a remote Indian village, is a mystery Olivia delights in ACKLEY BRIDGE Tuesday, Channel 4, 8pm POOR Missy (the excellent Poppy Lee Friar) is all in a tizz this week, after Aaron unadvisedly confesses his love for her She's never had serious relationship before, so she reacts by freaking out.
Ackley Bridge C4, 8pm Poor Missy (the excellent Poppy Lee Friar) is all in a tizz this week, after Aaron unadvisedly confesses his love for her.
Hip joint under threat And I need a knee support Nothing lasts, I tell the vet Grey hairs and wrinkles Mind in a mist Toenails, corns and verrucas Add chiropodist to the list There's a whole lot more I dare not mention Done, I fear, compensated By my pension Well, if that's the new name of the game Wear and tear it is I'm going to put it to shame Instead of getting in a tizz Still got some savings So I'm going to blow the lot On youth tips, health and beauty To stop the rot Why save it all To buy a posh coffin?
I'm getting married in the summer and I'm in a real tizz about whether I should ask my dad or my stepdad to walk me down the aisle.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm LOVE is in the air - it's Valentine's Day after all, and Aaron is getting into a right tizz in the kitchen trying to cook a meal for Alex - the pasta machine is out and everything.
I like a small menu, three options tops, big ones send me into a tizz. I find them unappetising, dozens of options all vying for your attention.
So he got into a bit of tizz after some daft heckler had a pop during his live show.