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Synonyms for titter


Synonyms for titter

to laugh in a stifled way

a stifled laugh

Synonyms for titter

a nervous restrained laugh

Related Words

laugh nervously

References in classic literature ?
These other people also tittered when the young men tittered, and roared when the young men roared; and, as the two young men tittered and roared and exploded with laughter pretty continuously all through the song, it went exceedingly well.
'I rayther thought that, too, sir,' replied Sam; and at this the spectators tittered again.
At this very unexpected reply, the spectators tittered again, and Dodson & Fogg, turning very red, leaned over to Serjeant Buzfuz, and in a hurried manner whispered something in his ear.
"She says, sir, that she'll have no gentlemen; they need not trouble themselves to come near her; nor," he added, with difficulty suppressing a titter, "any ladies either, except the young, and single."
Amy and Louisa Eshton tittered under their breath, and looked a little frightened.
'Oh Mr Clennam you insincerest of creatures,' said Flora, 'I perceive already you have not lost your old way of paying compliments, your old way when you used to pretend to be so sentimentally struck you know--at least I don't mean that, I--oh I don't know what I mean!' Here Flora tittered confusedly, and gave him one of her old glances.
'Oh good gracious me I hope you never kept yourself a bachelor so long on my account!' tittered Flora; 'but of course you never did why should you, pray don't answer, I don't know where I'm running to, oh do tell me something about the Chinese ladies whether their eyes are really so long and narrow always putting me in mind of mother-of-pearl fish at cards and do they really wear tails down their back and plaited too or is it only the men, and when they pull their hair so very tight off their foreheads don't they hurt themselves, and why do they stick little bells all over their bridges and temples and hats and things or don't they really do it?' Flora gave him another of her old glances.
"And now" - the erect body sank like a sword driven home into the scabbard; the light faded from the overbright eyes; the voice returned to its usual pitiful little titter -" and now," said Pennsylvania Pratt, "do you think it's too early for a little game of checkers, Mr.
The clubbists tittered, except the girl called Tess-- in whom a slow heat seemed to rise at the sense that her father was making himself foolish in their eyes.
'Well!' said Solomon, rising, to divert the attention of his two friends, who tittered at this retort: 'believed or disbelieved, it's true; and true or not, if we mean to go to London, we must be going at once.
Sir Ken Dodd Ken said he'd been for a walk on the promenade (titters).
WE are told repeatedly by jockeys that the whip does not hurt horses, but it last week inflicted considerable pain on Richard Hills, whose discomfort and reaction to it caused titters aplenty at Kempton.
FRIDAY Terry Titters Sunshine Spesh (Unity Theatre, Hope Street), 8pm.
The much-loved Liverpool comic is sure to raise more than a few titters when he welcomes charities and voluntary groups to The Heath's inaugural Community Open Day, on Tuesday, July 19.
While many - if not most - of the jokes backfire, there are enough of them to raise a fairly constant stream of titters.