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being or sounding of nervous or suppressed laughter


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I'm sure what he's really annoyed about is that his quarter-final has been overshadowed by some twee, kitchen-sink carry-on with lots of tittering and nudging.
Stargazing at Brecon Beacons @ Beacons Visitors Centre, Libanus (Saturday) ALL of us who've been arguing for years that size isn't important (oh, do stop tittering at the back) the downsizing of Pluto's planetary status was a real celestial slap in the mush quite frankly.
Now the howling is intense: The pot is tittering on the stove ...
60 stone teenagers from Texas presented by Channel 4 under the guise of an objective documentary, when really, they're serving up fodder like this for the laughing masses while tittering up their sleeves themselves.
Their facial expressions have the audience tittering before they even speak.
A PERFECT way to set you off 'Laughing Jack' down Whitley Bay shops No longer there, yet we remember so well The moments we shared by just all being there All kinds of laughter to be heard Like the tittering laugh that sounds absurd The giggling laugh you just cannot stop And the donkey laugh that makes you cough The hearty laugh, so loud and bold And the silent laugh, so hard to control The infectious laugh that gives you the cramp And the crying laugh that makes you stamp The sound of laughter, a tonic in one Lifting you up when all hope is gone!
Once the students in the large class have finished tittering, they rise one by one and state their names, and then everyone turns in a list of three potential witches.
But even there, the school had a GSA, and when a member asked me about my coming-out, there was no tittering or discomfort from the other students.
The other valets were said to be "tittering" about the revelation that the star of How the West Was Hung was in their midst.
Political insiders still awake over the sleepy August recess, have been tittering over a deft move by Sen.
As Barry's pushy sisters each phone to make sure he's coming to their party, it becomes clear that his muted doofusness is the result of years of teasing and henpecking from his seven sisters (they erupt into a tittering chorus of "Remember how we used to call you Gay Boy?" when he reluctantly arrives for dinner; he will smash a glass door in response).