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a measured amount of a solution of unknown concentration is added to a known volume of a second solution until the reaction between them is just complete

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Fruit acidity (citric acid equivalents by titration) of juice expressed from composite fruit samples was determined by following a titrimetric method (AOAC 942.
Strains revealed positive results were further tested by the titrimetric assay method (Kashmiri et al.
Total N (TN) was determined by the Kjeldahl procedure using a titrimetric finish (Bremner 1965).
Water quality--Determination of calcium content--EDTA titrimetric method.
Synthesis, and also elemental, IR-spectroscopic and titrimetric analyses, measurement of solutions bindings conductivity were carried out according to the techniques given in works [5, 7].
Ascorbic acid contents was determined via the titrimetric method described in Strohecker and Henning (1967) and the results are expressed in mg ascorbic acid/100 g fresh pulp tissues.
Gravimetric and titrimetric methods were used to determine the presence of different constituents of chromite ore.
A simple titrimetric method for the estimation of reactive dye fixation on cellulosic fabrics.
Calcium and hardness was determined by EDTA Titrimetric method, while, the magnesium concentration was determined from the EDTA calcium and hardness titration13.
Whey samples were analysed for acidity through the titrimetric method following the procedure described in AOAC Method No.
The lipase activity was estimated by titrimetric method using olive oil as a substrate [4].
were analyzed with the titrimetric method, and Fe was analyzed with an atomic absorption spectrophotometer.
Chapters then cover common methodologies, including gravimetric and titrimetric analysis, calculations in instrumental analysis, several types of spectroscopy, chromatography and electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, electroanalytical techniques, and a chapter of miscellaneous techniques.