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Synonyms for titled

Synonyms for titled

belonging to the peerage

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The local chief executive added the awarding of patents is a dream come true for her constituents who have been longing to have their lands titled.
[1] This purpose is essentially technical, and is based on needs and considerations outside the named and titled object.
Chapter 2, contributed by Ranson, Beaglehole, Correa, Mirza, Buse and Drager, addresses "the public health implications of multilateral trade agreements." Chapter 3, titled "Globalisation and multilateral public-private health partnerships: issues for health policy," has been contributed by Buse and Walt, whereas chapter 4, contributed by Brugha and Zwi, asks questions for evidence in favor of "global approaches to private sector provision." Chapter 5, titled "Regulation in the context of global health markets," has been contributed by Kumaranayake and Lake, and chapter 6, titled "Global policy networks: the propagation of health care financing reform since the 1980s," has been contributed by Lee and Goodman.
For copyright reasons they are all titled Io Energy's Northeast Power Daily, etc.," Sedgwick said.
When the planned sale of the relinquished property fell through, but the seller of the replacement property insisted on closing that leg of the exchange, the taxpayer closed on the replacement property and titled it in the accommodator's name.