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Ayatollah is a title of respect given to the highest-ranking religious teachers of the Shia branch of Islam.
Certainly, the elite military class known as "Pashas" -- a title of respect harking back to Ottoman times -- are no longer untouchables, with several jailed over alleged coup attempts to overthrow the elected government.Aa
He is one of the millions of children - and adults - known as a hafiz, an Arabic title of respect for someone who has learnt the entire Quran by heart.
The first time I travelled to Japan was for a meeting, and the man called me Mr Sans-san (san being the Japanese title of respect) and I thought he is taking my surname twice.
Now, companies hope the use of san--a less formal title of respect added to surnames--will allow workers to exchange ideas more freely and make decisions more quickly.
In fact, the term Sheikh meant no more than a title of respect for a senior religious person.
She explores the history behind a word that at one time was a title of respect for women.
(It is a title of respect for an Islamic community leader.)
(Ayatollah, a title of respect, means "sign of God.") Khomeini returned to lead a revolutionary government based on Islamic fundamentalism.