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I've been an avid reader for several years and in this recent issue I noticed that you've managed to titivate the entire layout of the magazine.
you find something with potential, but you have to nudge and titivate it, to attain that potential.
Beer, lager and drinks in general titivate the taste buds.
They've got to titivate the sun-rooms - basically rooftop conservatories - in art deco houses in Kent.
We thought Andrea deserved a treat for working so hard to ensure a good night will be had by all so first we booked her into Regis Hair Salon, Eldon Square to style and titivate.
Considered wisdom is to clean up the area, lightly titivate the soil with a fork, level and create a fine seedbed with a rake and sow grass seed before demarcating the area with canes and string.
Time to titivate your image and get in the mood for mucho amour after the 17th - your inner and outer beauty shines through.
Despite the Trust member of staff, James Lees-Milne, sent to interview Shaw describing it in his diary as 'a very ugly dark red brick villa, built in 1902', the Trust agreed to accept the bequest which Shaw dryly augmented as he wrote to Lees-Milne, 'I shall transfer from London all the pictures and statuettes and busts that are there to titivate Shaw's Corner as a showpiece .
We thought Brenda, who has two daughters, Emma, 26, who lives in London and Amy, 21,who is studying Applied Biology at Newcastle University, deserved a real treat to celebrate her fab new figure, so first we booked her into Regis Hair Salon, Eldon Square, to style and titivate.
Lightly titivate in hoof and horn fertiliser over the area to be sown at a rate of 120g per square metre.
No need to titivate it up and detract from its character with extraneous works of art.
McFly kick things off at 7pm and then the apprentices from Celebrity Scissorhands, who've been practising on the public all week, are let loose to titivate a host of stars including the cast of Hollyoaks.
IT'S time to ditch the dull footwear, titivate your toes with some polish, and treat your tootsies to a whole new look.
I won't mention them because it would only titivate their egos, which are swollen anyway.
PERFECT PUD: Sam Hinchliffe sent me this picture of a Yorkshire pudding to titivate my taste buds