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Synonyms for titillate

Synonyms for titillate

touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements

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excite pleasurably or erotically

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At its worst, he notes, this pastiche spirituality "can be a kind of private escapism to titillate oneself.
Her intent is still to provoke and titillate, yet this work is less shocking and decidedly sweeter.
That is because, while pornography "explains" nothing, but only titillates, conspiracy stories titillate, but "explain" everything.
So what's it like to watch your wife titillate other men?
These ads are thought up by men with nothing better to do than titillate themselves.
You have to like an awards show where you wouldn't look out of place dressed to pick up some plywood at Home Depot or to titillate a wealthy fetishist.
With no A-list art celebs to titillate media and public, however, the lineup is unlikely to reverse the trend for declining audiences, abruptly down last year to 70,000 from a peak in 1999, the Year of That Bed, when 133,000 came to ogle the contents of Tracey Emin's disheveled boudoir.
This powerful work will both educate with historical details and titillate as the four literary geniuses struggle to overcome their fears and stop the killings.
I really don't care if Edward films his rich nephew doing sod all at university to titillate morons abroad.
Behind its very closed doors, barred to all but a few scholars who, presumably, were so soberly academic that nothing at all could shock or titillate them, I was thrilled to have a chance to explore what then seemed my daringly candid, if quasi-scientific, descriptions of the master's scrambled anatomies: "the mouth is aligned vertically to produce a vulva shape," " a yawn permits the female sitter's mouth to open in sphincteral forms," "the heads often appear to be composed of pendulous, phallic shapes that become synonymous with hair and nose," "the very torsos and heads can become ithyphallic.
Not a macabre book and not intended to titillate, but definitely, as the title warns, cautionary.
And bar owners seeking to buttress their bottom lines will be tempted to plug in pornographic videos or switch on cable TV sex channels to titillate new business.
Its main purpose appeared to be "to embarrass the President and titillate the public by producing a document that is little more than an unreliable one-sided account of sexual behaviour.
As it was, the XFL's Las Vegas-New York/New Jersey main telecast showed off just how far a network will go to dress it up, then strip it down to titillate the spectators who don't know about Court TV.
Despite the impressive visual array, Hard to Imagine is a scholarly text that does not often aim to titillate.