titanium oxide

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a white powder used as a pigment for its high covering power and durability

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Titanium oxide is found in three structures of anatase, rutile and brookite.
When titanium oxide particles become finer, their photocatalytic activity improves.
This low apparent surface energy value may suggest a high roughness of coated titanium oxide surface; indeed it is well known that the roughness of a hydrophobic solid enhances its hydrophobicity.
University of Queensland researchers have grown the world's first titanium oxide (titania) single crystals with large areas of reactive surface which, they say, could lead to a new generation of solar energy technology in 5 to 10 years' time.
A transparent titanium oxide electrode enhances the conversion of the energy to a higher voltage of electricity.
Thin films of titanium oxide have recently been proven to be bioactive (in vitro) and non-resorbable.
Titanium oxide crystallite during the deposition of a wet chemical layer.
the new technology uses the catalytic properties of titanium oxide to facilitate the recovery of inorganic substances such as metals by transforming plastics and other organic substances into harmless gases, Matsushita said.
consists of titanium oxide that is applied anodically with a specialized rectifier.
Wet milled materials on nano-scale, such as aluminium hydroxide, titanium oxide, calcium carbonate and PTFE have been successfully milled whilst trials are currently taking place on food products including watercress, carrots and mushrooms
It is also obvious the advanced reduction of Titanium oxide to metallic Titanium.
The effect of adding some metal oxides such as calcium oxide, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide and titanium oxide was examined at the optimum conditions.
The reagentless UV method is associated with ultrapure water applications and employs UV irradiation, sometimes combined with a titanium oxide catalyst, to oxidize the organic carbon to carbon dioxide.
It comes fitted with Titanium oxide line guides with blue inserts, a glazed tip and UK coasters.