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Synonyms for tiresomeness

dullness owing to length or slowness

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Lawrence now often incorporates Italian words to drive home the tiresomeness of repeated complaints about the price of British coal and the unfairness of the exchange rate.
Drunk, Phoebe generally ignored the juvenile tiresomeness of LL's ensuing indignation, her youthful self-righteous belief that she could have it both ways.
This tiresomeness isn't just about the difficulty of instrumenting some of the devices that are candidates for monitoring.
Most of this activity was innocent--people just want to get close to the magic--but Kate hated it, and I think she saw in me a compatriot who wouldn't annoy her with effusions or demands or other tiresomeness. With me she didn't need to engage in the ritualized nonsense of celebrity-centered social interaction.
Chief among them, of course, is the tiresomeness of Julian's obsessive, if benevolent, racism." RON CHARLES