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Synonyms for tiptoe

the tip of a toe

Related Words

walk on one's toes


Related Words

walking on the tips of ones's toes so as to make no noise

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References in classic literature ?
TIMMY TIPTOES sat out, enjoying the breeze; he whisked his tail and chuckled --"Little wife Goody, the nuts are ripe; we must lay up a store for winter and spring.
WHEN Timmy and Goody Tiptoes came to the nut thicket, they found other squirrels were there already.
I shall be much thinner before spring-time, my love," said Timmy Tiptoes, peeping into the hole.
The first little bird flew into the bush where Timmy and Goody Tiptoes were quietly tying up their bags, and it sang--"Who's- bin digging-up MY nuts?
Timmy Tiptoes went on with his work without replying; indeed, the little bird did not expect an answer.
BUT when the other squirrels heard that song, they rushed upon Timmy Tiptoes and cuffed and scratched him, and upset his bag of nuts.
TIMMY TIPTOES made no reply; he had tumbled down inside the tree, upon half a peck of nuts belonging to himself.
GOODY TIPTOES picked up the nut bags and went home.
NOW Goody Tiptoes had set to work again by herself.
You could squeeze in, through that little round hole," said Goody Tiptoes.
He could not walk well on tiptoe and his whole body jerked at each step.
With some such inquiry in his thoughts, Gruff and Glum, stricken by so sudden an interest that he perked his neck and looked over the intervening people, as if he were trying to stand on tiptoe with his two wooden legs, took an observation of R.
cried Mr Tappertit, standing on tiptoe, as if by that means he, in the street, were any nearer being able to stop the mouth of Miggs in the garret.
In response to his more violent attacks, the bell gave, now and then, a moderate tinkle, but could not be stirred into clamor by any exertion of the little fellow's childish and tiptoe strength.
She knocked again, and a third time; and, listening intently, fancied that the floor creaked, as if Hepzibah were coming, with her ordinary tiptoe movement, to admit her.