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Synonyms for tint

Synonyms for tint

the property by which the sense of vision can distinguish between objects, as a red apple and a green apple, that are very similar or identical in form and size

a shade of a color, especially a pale or delicate variation

the degree of vividness of a color, as when modified by the addition of black or white pigment

to impart color to

Synonyms for tint

a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color

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Loke, who called the press conference today at the ministry's headquarters here to answer critics, said the decision on the new tint rule was also made based on a workshop conducted with the police force in 2014.
"The practice has shown our people like unusual plates, window tint. The previous parliament passed the law allowing to sell car plates with especial order combination of figures through auctions.
Figure 1a Patient who suffered from a Toxocara infection as a child before contact lens fitting; 1b Piggyback of pupil, iris tint and limbal ring diagnostic contact lenses; 1c After contact lens fitting
Fines for tinting beyond the stipulated 50 per cent begin at Dh1,000 and rates vary in different emirates but they definitely go up according to the extent of the excess percentage of the tint.
Your skin will love this classic set: Floral Toner, Deep Hydration Face Cream, Face Mask, and Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15.
According to Orbos, apart from addressing safety and security aspects, the regulation on car window tints will also help the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in its implementation of the 'high-occupancy vehicle' (HOV) lane on Edsa.
First, update your app so you know you've got the latest version of the app that includes the tint brush feature.
Warning, he said a fine of Dh500 shall be slapped and the vehicle will be impounded for 30 days in case of excessive window tint.
What I'm sure of is that it's breaking the law, and if you exceed the legal parameters the police will ticket you and make you remove the tint right there and then.
Jemma Kidd Mineral Sheer Tint SPF20 pounds 28 The fact this is water-resistant, oil and fragrance-free will tick a lot of boxes for some folk.
Police used a special device to measure the level of tint on vehicles stopped in an operation across Newcastle.
Sgt Gordon Price, of Cannock NPU, said: "Due to the safety of those in the car as well as other road users, it is an offence to tint the front side windows and windscreens.
I WOULD like to comment on the news article Car Window Tint Warning (16.05.08) which stated that garages and drivers on Teesside are being warned about excessive window tinting on vehicles.
Or if you hate spending hours choosing a shade, treat yourself to a base which will blend into any skin tone from foundation specialists Prescriptives and Becca ( Prescriptives' Traceless Skin Responsive Tint, pounds 22 (01730 232566) or Becca Luminous Skin Colour, pounds 28 (0207 225-2501, www.beccacosmetics.com).