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Tinpot Hut also makes a super Marlborough Pinot Noir.
The reason given by some tinpot little dictator in the Border Agency is that priority has to be given to potential terrorists rather than a young woman who performed 700 hours of voluntary service at Fazakerley hospital.
lucascashbeast Whatever the bookies have least time to research - so tinpot European stuff or domestic non-league.
He must stand erect on his own feet and face the consequences of his misdeeds rather than seeking shelter behind the name and pictures of Bhutto whom he chased and hounded when in power as all tinpot dictators do to the leaders of the masses," he added.
Zelaya's most vocal supporter has been Venezuelan tinpot troublemaker Hugo Chavez, who has provided the blueprint for Latin American leaders looking to subvert the rule of law.
Proposals for a pounds 12 million structure near Millennium Point have been rightly condemned by the local authority's planning committee, which yesterday dubbed the tinpot monolith as "the ugliest building in Birmingham".
He shows some understanding that Georgia's tinpot democracy--much less its control of Ossetia--is not a factor Americans want determining the temperature of their relations with Russia.
Perry, one of the US Tour's hottest properties, has been slaughtered by fellow pros and fans for his decision to stay away from Birkdale this week and play a tinpot Tour event in Milwaukee.
I don't call that justice, not even by tinpot banana republic standards.
Now he is a tinpot pope in the Coca-Cola belt and a brother to the forlorn pastors who belabor half-wits in galvanized iron tabernacles behind the railroad yards.
To wit, ``a little pizza-faced, tinpot fascist, which Lord knows how they got that impression.
As a boy growing up in Cuyahoga near Akron, I was teased about my famous relative and his tinpot hat," he reminisced in a November interview.
Presidents can tolerate only so much defiance from tinpot strongmen before they send in the marines.
The language makes the President sound like a tinpot dictator.
a tinpot messiah with an inflamed egoism that was wholly unameliorated by humor.