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Synonyms for tinny

Synonyms for tinny

of very poor quality

thin and metallic in sound

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Technology: PRT (Pica Tinny Rail) technology design
Ghanaian superstar Tinny who appears in the new Cadbury advert
His joy on beholding a stylophone - a tinny electronic instrument that sounded like a dentist's drill - was unbounded.
Norah Jones was playing on the very tinny tannoy, would it have been toomuch trouble to put local radio on?
Many of the Australian greats who have retired in the last couple of years were renowned as thoroughly good blokes to share a tinny with.
Instead of getting mantras for Ganesh and Krishna, you'll get a tinny "Our Father" tune instead
It's all primal and stomping, a true rave up as the label would suggest, but goddamn is the production tinny and weird and top ended.
Completing the program were, from the left, Jacqueline Zahralban, who interned with Tinny Meyer & Piccarreto; Blaire Guitterrez, who interned with Judge Michael Andrews; Roger Walker II, who interned with Judge James Pierce; Chris Munoz, who interned with Kwall Showers Coleman & Barack; Vonyae Reed who interned with Pinellas County Attorney's Office; Melissa Marchman (and Dyimond Johnson not shown) who interned with the Clerk of Court's Office; Bryanna Dunne, who interned with Johnson Pope Bokor Ruppel & Burns; and Mary Ellis Glymph, who interned with the St.
Their recorders captured 99 double knocks that match old accounts of ivory-billeds 'hammering' on trees, and they picked up 210 tinny bleats resembling past descriptions of the birds' "kent" calls.
But out here it was little places with these tiny, tinny sound systems -- and I didn't hear very many unique-sounding bands.
Despite or perhaps because of its tinny, preprogrammed beats, your music seems to envelop everything around it like a movie sound track, giving everything an aura at once fleeting and unforgettable.
Production goes from sleek to tinny, but those choices sound intentional--Grillo as vintage Dylan or Cash.
It would have been preferable to uncover more of the pit to hear the natural sound of the 20-member Opera York Orchestra rather than to mike, mix and amplify it, which, contrary to the intention, resulted in a muffled, tinny accompaniment.
Tech credits are inconsistent, with dark lighting and tinny sound in interiors; however, Morabito orchestrates onscreen action in different visual planes with an accomplished eye.
Acoustic damping performance of Terblend N reportedly exceeds that of PC/ABS and PP, resulting in a less tinny sound, which is a key benefit in auto interiors.