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Information about the screening will be available during the festival weekend from the Theatr Colwyn stall on April 16 and 17 with tickets available from Theatr Colwyn, which is also the collection point for all tinned goods.
The food, usually tinned goods rather than fresh produce, is meant to provide short-term relief.
Andrea, together with fellow Guide Dog Association volunteers, Frank, Gill and Steve, provided blindfolds and simulation glasses to Year 12 and Year 13 students and gave them basic tasks to complete, such as counting out 35p from a bundle of change, matching socks and shopping for tinned goods, to allow them to experience the life challenges of blind and visually impaired people.
We desperately need tinned goods and toiletries to help those who really need it most.
Other fundraising initiatives already underway in Bahrain include a collection of tinned goods, food and clothes by Filipino Jingkee Bautista at Noor Specialist Hospital.
I'll never get these minutes back, I could be learning Italian, sorting out my tin cupboard (a cupboard that contains tinned goods, not some not my is hot Nooooooo
I have to admit that I only found out about the impending doom when I turned to the end of my calendar and saw Miss December looking petrified and crouching in a corner eating tinned goods.
Tinned goods, cheese, chocolate and other foods with a long shelf-life are plentiful, but fresh produce is still in short supply.
Many ambient products, such as tinned goods, are overcooked during production.
Lisa Faulkner, winner of Celebrity Masterchef 2010, said: "It's a shame that tinned goods feature so highly at harvest time when there is a real chance to make the most of the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables at this time of the year.
The EU's fruit and vegetable and tinned goods sectors, with the exception of beans, sweet almonds, apples and tomato concentrate (for which tariff quotas have been negotiated) will be fully liberalised within ten years.
More specifically, on Morocco's side, EU fruit and vegetables and tinned goods, with the exception of beans, sweet almonds, apples and tomato concentrate (for which tariff quotas have been negotiated) will be entirely liberalised within ten years.
Results from the sales ring have tended to indicate that people who used to spend their money on baby racehorses are spending it instead on tinned goods or a good lawyer.
Money once so comfy in my wallet, now helplessly stuffed into the tills of some hellish thrift store where they shovel tinned goods into trolleys overflowing with wailing babies.