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like the short high ringing sound of a small bell


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She remembers the yard with the big walnut tree, the tinkly bell that said someone was entering the store, and her grandmother teaching her "store manners" one day when the child climbed up on the counter by saying, "You can sit there if you want to, but anything on this counter is for sale.
Although as evening entertainment goes, the wrath of Tracy is definitely a step up from the venue's tinkly muzak or a cheesy cabaret act.
She is like the ballerina in an old-fashioned music box, her unchanging features tiny and girlish, her voice tinkly, her body stuck on a pin, rotating in a spiral that will never grow" (Faludi 1992: 92)--if women like Lucy do not wake up they will never break out of their oppressive cyclical routine.
The rest of the ensemble consisted of members of the clarinet family--including a contra-bass clarinet--a recorder--a percussionist with a delightful jingle-jingle tinkly instrument and a home-made "zilofone," (59)--and a few brass instruments] that, for me, spoiled the originality of the sound combination, but admittedly help to make climaxes.
You've got tinkly piano music and genital warts," John would tell him.
The jelly jar glasses in the kitchen cabinets chinked against each other in a tinkly warning when we grandkids ran across the floor, and we would squeal in horror at those grotesquely large "outside" cockroaches that sometimes found their way into the house through the cracks in the shoe mold.
The I didn't get quite close enough to the children to actually overhear any conversations that suggested they found the tinkly music and fake snow anything other than completely dog appeared to be living in the wall delightful.
As it began, with the dancers cocking their hips to the tinkly, irresistible tune, the friendly voiceover said, "Here's a free minute from Pippin .
Even the headboards in our hotel rooms lit up with tiny electric stars while a tinkly "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" played from somewhere within the illuminated wood.
The British Psychological Society member said: "These high-challenge kids are still operating for very immediate rewards - chuck a brick through a window and get a tinkly noise.
But by combining a strong image (a tube embedded in an iceblock), tinkly music, a bit of science, endless product shots and multiple repetition of its USP - 'the tingling I taste sensation' - it offered a foretaste of what was to come.
The tinkly hymns, the wrong song ("Sky Valley Rider" )
Obviously they also had fun with the accordion, violin and tinkly piano.
La Jolla's musicalization of the 2006 movie, launching a hoped-for eastward road trip, boasts David Korins' brightly cartoony designs and a typically tinkly William Finn score.