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Synonyms for tinkling

like the short high ringing sound of a small bell


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He is one of the many bell TINKLING cyclists who just expect pedestrians to move out of his way.
Ray Fullard will be joining Althea Gaye as the Octave Tinkling Twosome take to the skies.
And each Christmas he goes back on the road with his travelling band to enthral fans with his expert ivory tinkling.
The revamped track still has the acoustic heart of the original and the great anthemic chorus but also has some added oomph with perky drums, a tinkling synth and sumptuous descending strings.
Flanked by tinkling harpsichords, shimmering synthesizers, and assorted other keyboards, singer Laetitia Sadier conjures dreamy melancholy in tunes such as "Neon Beanbag" and "Cellulose Sunshine.
We are summoned to meetings by drumming rather than by the tinkling of a small xylophone, and the house is full of bright, flowing robes.
But however visually lush, Shonibare's version is decidedly unoperatic by dint of its repetitive narrative--after the king is shot he gets up again--and sound track, which is entirely mute but for the sounds of the dancers' feet and breath, a tinkling bell, and the fatal gunshot.
Think silver service and a man tinkling the ivories in the corner.
Listen for Vonnegut's player piano tinkling on the PA system the next time you shop your local Sam's Club; the tune is getting louder.
The music sounded similar to aural collages Cunningham has used before, with Radiohead using heartbeats, chants, and drones for the first half and Sigur Ros using the tinkling of a music box and the grinding of a nutcracker for the second half.
The fact is, he always does - whether it's tinkling ``Subterranean Homesick Alien'' on the ivories in a dark club or playing a Beethoven sonata at a classical recital.
No copy, just a piano tinkling "As Time Goes By" in the background.
HARCOURT seems to be flavour of the month in the ivory tinkling stakes.
He now has trouble listening to his favourite violin music with the high notes, for him, having become fragmented and tinkling.