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Pityriasis versicolor is also known as tinea versicolor. It is a superficial fungal infection caused by Malassezia spp, which is a dimorphic fungus, which is a member of normal flora of skin, [8] Clinically, it is characterised by numerous fine scaly, dyspigmented irregular macules most often occurring on the trunk, chest and proximal part of upper limbs.
CCP can be distinguished from other pediatric hypopigmented dermatoses including postinflammatory hypopigmentation, vitiligo, nevus depigmentosus, tinea versicolor, and hypopigmented mycosis fungoides based on its features: its restricted distribution, size, and number of the lesions, as well as its asymptomatic nature.
A Tinea versicolor (TV) is a common, minor fungal (yeast) infection in the skin.
A 59-year-old married male with well-controlled insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, tinea versicolor, and long term nonprogressive HIV infection presented to our clinic with five weeks of generalized muscle, joint and back pain, headache, and weight loss of about seven pounds over three weeks.
It is often mistaken for tinea versicolor. (9) In this case, the eruption on the chest closely resembled CARP, but a diagnosis of CARP would not have explained the genital lesions.
The benign form is characterized by flat, wart-like, hypopigmented or hyperpigmented papules resembling tinea versicolor, whereas the malignant form presents as verrucous and seborrheic keratosis-like lesions on sun-exposed surfaces, including the face, hands, and feet (6,9).
Tinea versicolor (TV), a fungus which usually lives on the surface of the skin and can grow out of control.
Pulling tinea versicolor off the skin by applying and removing a 2-inch piece of clear cellophane tape with single-sided adhesive provides a sample after staining "that is easier to see than scraping, and it provides a quick and easy diagnosis," reported Dr.
INTRODUCTION: Tinea versicolor is a chronic, mild, usually asymptomatic infection of the stratum corneum.
Tinea versicolor, caused by Malassezia furfur, has a fine scale on the hypopigmented patch.
(3) In light of its clinical similarity to tinea versicolor and occasional clinical response to antifungal therapies, Malassezia has been postulated as a potential etiology for CARP.
Tinea versicolor was the most common fungal infection (36.3%), followed by cutaneous-oral candidiasis (25.5%), onychomycosis (12.7%), and fungal toe-web infection (11.8%).
Of all of these, however, CRP is most likely to be confused with tinea versicolor, as both are associated with hyper- or hypopigmented papules and plaques on the chest and back, as well as mild pruritus.
-- When it comes to treating tinea versicolor, ketoconazole is the cheapest and safest treatment option, Dr.