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informal term for a destroyer

airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc

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Clothes are just wrappers, like labels on tin cans.
Similarly, the TVB-N & TMA-N values for Tuna in curry medium and packed in Tin can were 20.
One plant will be for the processing of fruit and the other one to produce tin cans, in association with Brazilian investors.
Tin cans provide us with a convenient source of ready to eat olives, beans, soups, and of course, Popeye's spinach.
1846 - Henry Evans invents a machine that can manufacture tin cans at a rate of 60 per hour.
Want them or not, the Tin Can Tourists in their Model Ts flooded Sarasota that winter.
A salute to the legendary tin cans, the bottles are made of 100% aluminum to facilitate and retain the optimal temperature for sipping chilled shots or mixing signature cocktails.
For an impromptu barbecue grill base, cut open and fan out a big tin can and cover it with aluminum foil.
In three years trudging the streets, picking up discarded tin cans to recycle and busking with a guitar, the 53-year-old has raised nearly PS10,000 in memory of his daughter, who lived for just 18 hours after being born premature.
The charity recycles tin cans and donates all the proceeds to the Makarios children's hospital.
He also said he enjoyed shooting and I doubt it is at tin cans on a wall.
22 rifle on to the premises and allowed two youngsters to fire at rabbits and tin cans.
NO doubt the refugee and migrant affiliations will be up in arms with the withdrawal of the Italian coastal rescue fleet, subsequently condemning migrants attempting to get across the sea in tin cans to death.
WHAT AT A YOU NEED: Shears Small branches from trees or bushes Terracotta pots, old vases or recycled tin cans Nontoxic glue Coarse sandpaper Prepare your pot by rubbing it with sandpaper all over.
Contrary to popular myth and many cartoons, goats don't really eat tin cans.