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informal term for a destroyer

airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc

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Wukovits does a masterful job capturing the day-to-day boredom, excitement, and fear ordinary tin can sailors experienced on routine patrols at the height of the Pacific war.
Table 7 gives mean panel scores of canned tuna in curry packed in TFS and tin can.
Several regulatory and scientific bodies have recognized the issue, with the Canadian government recently banning BPA from baby bottles and tin cans that contain infant formula.
The Tin Can Tourists came every year like clockwork.
One plant will be for the processing of fruit and the other one to produce tin cans, in association with Brazilian investors.
Now, this issue carries news of holographically embossed tin cans.
The tin cans hunted German U-Boats and Japanese submarines, rescued downed navy pilots from the sea, lent their five-inch guns to shore bombardments, served as fast-moving anti-aircraft gun platforms in defense of capital ships, and even delivered fuel and supplies in emergencies.
You can wrap your Ekuru up in leaves, tin cans or nylon depending on preference.
I wandered lonely as a shroud Among the dark satanic mills When all at once I saw a crowd A host of dirty windowsills Beside the road, beneath the eaves Gathering dust from the passing leaves Continuous as the litter piles Tin cans, glass splinters, half-smoked fags Bus tickets, wrappers, broken tiles And rustling, crispless empty bags A hundred saw I at a glance Revealed by the sunbeam's sparkling dance The curtains by them drooped, but they Outdid the grimy drapes in glee A poet just could not be gay In such a murky company
She distributed tin cans to her fellow volunteer housewives with an appeal for people to drop their coins to feed the children of Marawi.
In my garden, we save our tin cans, cut off one end completely with a regular can opener, and cut off the other end just enough to open it.
emballages recyclable household: paperboard and cardboards for packaging, bricks, bottles and bottles, tin cans, aluminum cans, .
Six benches are to be made out of tin cans as part of the 'Pafos 2017′ cultural capital's environment programme, according to Artistic Director Georgia Doetzer.
He also said he enjoyed shooting and I doubt it is at tin cans on a wall.