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a person who plays the kettledrums


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Sophie Rashbrook, assistant stage manager Karly Hill, assistant director Polly Graham, timpanist Patrick King and violinist Sarah Thornett are just some of the young people involved with the Welsh National Opera
Periera, who came to the Phil last year, says as a timpanist, he notices a different between the conductors in time.
was established in 1963 by Vic Firth, a timpanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
The problem was figuring out what a young timpanist could play for a concerto.
For his part, Firth, a timpanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra for 50 years, is building his gourmet business using the same strategy he used to take the drumming world by storm: by educating consumers and forging relationships with influential industry types.
Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Garay is an accomplished percussionist who held a timpanist position in the Cordoba Symphony Orchestra, prior to relocating to Washington, D.
Frances Cabrini didn't just lose its principal timpanist.
Since Michael came here," SFS timpanist David Herbert told me, "the brass and percussion have had a lot more to do.
Eric, 49, was well-known - the timpanist with Scottish Opera - and, a year ago, the company were having financial troubles.
They participated in the masque Calisto together with the timpanist Walter Vanbright; the newly arrived French oboists were also featured.
Bob Chilcot's Five Days that Changed the World was totally accessible with sensitive additions by timpanist Gareth Caredig, adding to the charisma of the proceedings.
They could marvel at the woodwind section playing the Nimbus 2000 excerpt from Harry Potter, while timpanist Marney O'Sullivan and his percussive team had a clamorous field day for much of the evening, supporting the lively brass and strings sections.
Kazutaka Morita, the co- principal timpanist with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, will present a free master class for University of Oregon percussion students and for the general public.
Highlights included super woodwind playing (especially oboes and flutes), and sterling work from the busy timpanist.