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grass with long cylindrical spikes grown in northern United States and Europe for hay

a grass grown for hay

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And the questions he asked were so intimate, how Timothy slept, how he woke up, how he fell off again, what we put in his bath.
For it might be that she was only biding her time to strike suddenly, and this attached me the more to Timothy, as if I feared she might soon snatch him from me.
Timothy followed Jamie, and by the time the latter had got his first command, a steamer in the Bay trade out of Cardiff, Timothy was mate of a big sailing ship.
It was an easy task for Anna Roylston to win Timothy Donnelly.
Promptly at twenty minutes to four the next afternoon Timothy and Nancy drove off in the open buggy to meet the expected guest.
I hope for her sake she's quiet and sensible, and don't drop knives nor bang doors," she sighed to Timothy, who had sauntered up to her.
Well, if she ain't, nobody knows what'll become of the rest of us," grinned Timothy.
Oh, Timothy, I--I think it was mean ter send me," chattered the suddenly frightened Nancy, as she turned and hurried to a point where she could best watch the passengers alight at the little station.
Nancy was relieved just then to have Timothy come up.
The three were off at last, with Pollyanna's trunk in behind, and Pollyanna herself snugly ensconced between Nancy and Timothy.
It was when Timothy was unloading the trunk that Nancy found an opportunity to mutter low in his ear:
Don't you never say nothin' ter me again about leavin', Timothy Durgin.
So far as Timothy McManus was concerned, the dapper young man was destiny; for as Tim passed him, the young man, with utmost deliberation, thrust his cane between Tim's flying legs.
They are always singing songs and reading series to him even though Timothy is far too young yet to understand them.
Timothy was expelled for his part in a classroom fight in which a teacher was injured at the school in Terry Road, Stoke, Coventry.