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Synonyms for timorousness

fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions

fearfulness in venturing into new and unknown places or activities

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the timorousness at the threshold of passion, the recalcitrant reserve
A veteran abolitionist who toured North Wales in the early 1820s was struck by the political timorousness of the common people; they were "half a century behind those of South Wales, - and a century behind those of England".
As this review suggests, there's little chance that The Feminist Promise will be criticized for its timorousness.
For example, the Renaissance humanist Sir Thomas Elyot praised temperance by describing it in gendered terms as a combination of masculine fierceness, audacity, willful opinion, and desire for glory, moderated by feminine mildness, timorousness, tractability, and benignity, that produce an androgynous mixture of magnanimity, constancy, and honor (qtd.
And there is allowance to be made for natural timorousness, not only to women (of whom no such dangerous duty is expected), but also to men of feminine courage" (Hobbes, Leviathan, xxi, 16).
Zizek does not appear constrained by the cautious and professionalized timorousness that can blunt the work of many scholarly authors.
Their timorousness notwithstanding, there is still time to avoid Lebanon's fall into the abyss if the international community displays some nerve.
More speculative, perhaps, is the sense that these responses derived from a painful sense of the unattainability of female physicality (whether one reads this unattainability as sexual timorousness, as envy, or as both).
Carol's body language, as well as the timorousness of her voice, betrays her complete discomfort.
If elite women were ever diffident regarding their publicity and recent work suggests that they were not (Deutsch 2000; Spain 2000; Mackintosh in press), the bicycle helped transform timorousness and recidivism into confidence and respectability.
A: One of the things Mencken really railed against was the timorousness that some journalists have shown.
Fortunately, NASA'S timorousness no longer stifles space flight.
Timorousness in the face of obdurate teacher unions (Denver being a happy exception) is perhaps the greatest cause of our halting progress in this domain.
2) But they themselves are supported by a rearguard of fellow travelers, a far more numerous academic group whose defining characteristic is not fanaticism but timeserving timorousness.