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in a timorous and trepid manner


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69) This group eventually came down timorously in favour of whittling away at rpm by referring all cases progressively to the MC.
and deal with the objections to our truth claims (voiced or timorously kept) that are more to the point than entertainment strategies and do-it-yourself-yet-again ways of keeping busy.
Nonetheless it has, if somewhat slowly and timorously, cut interest rates in the hope that a smaller rate differential will stern the inflow of hot currencies and diminish the rand's artificial, economy-damaging strength.
As today we watch with some alarm a nation mobilized for war, the politicians of both parties in cowardly acquiescence, the media going timorously along, it is good to keep in mind that things do change.
He thus offers a snapshot of a culture where the vestiges of a feudal past seem to have weighed heavily on the timorously emerging forces of modernity.
When I first timorously began using creative exercises in classes on classical studies or medieval culture, I was concerned both that my tenuous curricular balance would tumble and that my students already predisposed against working creatively would be resistant to my entire course because of such activities.
I have timorously begun to do competitions with him and, so far, have come out rather well.
Mme de Duras, in a letter to her husband written from Paris where she had traveled on family business in 1800, raised timorously the question of their addressing each other by the familiar "tu" while she wrote to him still using the more formal "vous.
And timorously in the early '90s you see the beginnings of humanitarian intervention.
For months all those honoured with the right to remain in the presence tiptoe about timorously, like so many Burnsian mice.
And while I am still, a quarter-century later, awed by the capacious East Room with its tiered bookcases, walk-in fireplace, and expansive tapestry (the subject of which is, yes, the triumph of avarice), and am no longer intimidated by the North Room - the smaller but still imposing version of the East Room in which I timorously endured a job interview - I like to think of the library not as the dragon Fafner and readers as needing Siegfried's guileless bravado to win access to its treasures but as a welcoming institution that, with obligatory strictures, makes them available to those who need to see them.
Timorously we enter the fray with the following report of a six-year follow-up study of a successful application of intensive family-based services (IFBSs) to reunify with their families a group of children who had been placed in out-of-home care.
Lawrence, who had timorously grafted patently Osbertian characteristics on to the twentieth century's best-ventilated cuckold, Sir Clifford Chatterley, received his retaliatory comeuppance in Miracle on Sinai, in which novel he was recognisably presented as one who liked to pose as a collier's son and whose 'nervous, ladder-like body was crowned, upon its long stooping neck, by a thinly bearded head of weak though intellectual order.
The summer beaches themselves were a virtual-reality billboard for the film (a beneficial side-effect of its extended production schedule--Universal had originally hoped to release it the preceding Christmas): both Time and the New York Times reported that "formerly bold swimmers now huddle in groups a few yards offshore," while "waders are peering timorously into the water's edge.
Morgan opened it to find Ted and Rags bunched timorously on the steps.