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Synonyms for timorous

Synonyms for timorous

timid by nature or revealing timidity

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Like a shot from a rifle he charged upon the filly; but the snapped twig had been enough to startle the timorous quarry, so that they were in instant flight simultaneously with Numa's charge.
Jane's frame of mind was naturally depressed and timorous, having been affected by Miranda's gloomy presages of evil to come.
Alas, excellency," returned Bertuccio, joining his hands, and shaking his head in a manner that would have excited the count's laughter, had not thoughts of a superior interest occupied him, and rendered him attentive to the least revelation of this timorous conscience.
It is a subject of remark, that quarrelsome and restless characters invariably seek the companionship of gentle, timorous dispositions, as if the former sought, in the contrast, a repose for their own ill-humor, and the latter a protection for their weakness.
I'm loving this Douglas Laing's whisky bottle design Timorous Beastie.
TIMOROUS Theresa May remains weak, wobbly and utterly clueless.
Time to stop being so timorous and roll up our sleeves, re-awaken the British bulldog spirit and show the world what we are capable of.
I could see Bryan was as disinclined as I was, every bit as timorous, when it came to poking the little corpses about.
I cannot think how I could have done anything without him, and, as knowing how timorous and utterly unready I am, therefore doubtless God gave him to me.
For the timorous of hearts, it is comforting to know that the Philippine economic outlook for 2017 appears bright as foreign investors haven't 'pull[ed] the plug under our feet' yet.
Aided and abetted by the timorous Trade Union Congress, which didn't even bother to organise a national demonstration, the Tories have pushed through perhaps the most regressive legislation against trade union activities on the European continent and we're supposed to roll over and take it.
Timorous Beastie Highland Blended Malt Scotch Whisky (PS37.
Such sentiments imply an unusually timorous Muslim clergy and make me wonder: Maybe the jihadis are right in criticizing their leaders for not having the courage of their convictions.
It was strange to see Birmingham being so timorous, particularly on the back of four straight victories.
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