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Prompted by an upper-floor neighbor, an unseen 'Auntie" who often dispenses cooking advice, Ha prepares sumptuous recipes on the dubious, timeworn assumption that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
he mounts a challenge to Benedict Anderson's timeworn thesis about the relationship of the urban lettered elites to the production of the homogenized ideal of nation-state; he explores the work of two literary giants, Jose Carlos Mariategui and Euclides da Cunha, to comprehend the discursive role that marginal "primitives" played in the national imaginary of those writers.
It's a well-made thriller but the writers overstretch themselves with some timeworn, Alfred Hitchcock-style twists.
Tired of their own timeworn turntable questions, and in an effort to chip off the cosmetic veneers on our vanilla careers, interviewers are desperate to pose original questions.
This is all too similar to the standard, timeworn slogans adopted by the Jordanian Brotherhood for years.
For example, timeworn heating systems can be replaced.
For timeworn appeal, with a rustic feel, the Turkey Time Linens offered at SYW feature a vintage image of a turkey superimposed atop old fashioned script.
Within the hustle and bustle of this urban population lies the timeworn beginnings of this town, Ibb's old city.
Not all landlords are tyrants, but the arrival last month of an extended family of 63 share-croppers at Azad Nagar, the village for freed workers, provided a glimpse of the timeworn tricks they use to ensure debts keep on growing.
And as a boy, Klempner himself can recall looking through timeworn photo albums with his father's mother.
Rather than a timeworn treasure map leading to hidden relics, brewers at Brunswick's Thunder Road Brewing will rely on a recipe jotted down by Alfred Terry, a brewer who came to Melbourne in 1851 and was a pioneer of Australia's beer industry, the Age reported.
These timeworn shops were a part of an everyday life for our predecessors who could often be found mulling about the aisles purchasing their essentials.
So once again on Sunday, the timeworn platitudes will be parroted.
While his comrades were fired up by the idea of breaking out of a rock-fest rut, Adam Rapoport, 42, the editor in chief of Bon Appetit, said the magazine was driven by a desire to shake up the timeworn tropes of a food festival.
Inspired by historically and culturally rich features from across the Middle East and North Africa, the Arabian colour trend palette draws on the nostalgia of leather, the timeworn texture and colour of ancient pottery and stone, the glitter of silver and bronze coins, the iridescent colour of glass lamps and the various shades of shifting sands.