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Synonyms for timeserving

taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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The foul-mouthed Tucker, meanwhile, has achieved cult status with his incandescent rants at ministers and timeserving lackeys alike.
It does not seem enjoyable to me to watch Kent thrash Oswald; nor does Kent's brutish reaction against Oswald's loyalty to an evil mistress seem to constitute an ironic parallel to Cordelia's or Kent's own loyalty to Lear, since Oswald's timeserving looks for reward whereas Cordelia and Kent's love remains steadfast despite punishment.
Whatever the TPA likes to suppose, the truth is that most large councils have for some time been actively engaged in weeding out incompetent and timeserving chief officers, replacing them with more promising recruits from the private sector.
See especially the early 1530s pamphlet Pasquil the Plain, in which Elyot comments on the speechless counsellors: 'It describes, by implication, the paralysis that is created at the centre of government when counsellors practice timeserving and flattery rather than offer the King honest advice'; Walker,Writing under Tyranny, p.
Whether or not Mr Blair is guilty of exchanging loans for honours, he has certainly continued the practice of filling the House with party placemen and timeserving ex-MPs, and it would send out a powerful signal were Mr Brown to put a stop to it.